What is Third Grade Reads?

Third Grade Reads mobilizes people across the city to be volunteer reading tutors to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade kids who are reading below their grade level.


The evidence is overwhelming that being a proficient reader by the beginning of fourth grade is a strong predictor of going on to graduate from high school.

Students who do not master reading skills early on have a difficult time acquiring all the information and knowledge they need in later grades, causing:

  • academic struggles
  • loss of interest and motivation
  • behavioral and social problems

Eventually, they drop out of school and the costs are high to them, our communities, our city, and our society as a whole.

Why Baltimore?

In Baltimore, according to Maryland School Assessment scores for the 2014 school year, 32% of fourth graders scored below proficient in reading.

When compared to fourth graders nationally, 86% of Baltimore fourth graders scored below proficient, according to National Assessment of Education Progress scores, released in 2013.

To ensure students in Baltimore are reading proficiently by the time they end third grade, Third Grade Reads takes advantage of the one resource that’s proven to be low-cost, effective and plentiful, with a guaranteed return on investment—you, our citizens.

Who is our Partner?

Reading Partners_Logo

Reading Partners is a nonprofit literacy organization that works to expand life opportunities for elementary school children in under-resourced communities by empowering them with strong literacy skills. At each of their school sites, Reading Partners transforms a dedicated space within the school into a reading center.
At these sites they:

  • recruit and train community volunteers
  • provide one-on-one tutoring, once or twice a week for 45 minutes to elementary school students whose literacy skills are between 1.5 and 2.5 years below their grade level benchmarks
  • use a structured, research-based curriculum that is proven to show results
  • continuously assess students to effectively track students’ results and continuously improve the program

 To learn more about reading partners, please visit their website: http://readingpartners.org/baltimore/about/


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